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What Are The Static Solutions For Running Track Paver Machine

Date: 2021-06-14     Tag:  Running Track Paver Machine Paver Machine Paver

Running Track Paver Machine's scraper is an indispensable part of the equipment during operation, which is responsible for pushing the material away. It is composed of electrical control system, hydraulic drive system and mechanical transmission system. Will seriously affect the work process.
When the Running Track Paver Machine scraper does not work, you can analyze and check and troubleshoot from the following aspects:
1. Running Track Paver Machine has manual operation and no automatic operation (that is, the leveler cannot automatically control the scraper movement), indicating that the mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission system are normal, the leveler circuit is faulty, or the leveler moves up and down The switch is shifted. At this time, it is necessary to check the repair circuit and readjust the position of the micro switch of the leveler to eliminate the fault.
2. Running Track Paver Machine manual operation and automatic operation have no action. First check whether the line is loose and the fuse is blown. If there is a problem with the line connection or the fuse is blown, the fault can be eliminated by replacing the fuse or connecting the line.
3. If the Running Track Paver Machine electrical control system is normal and the scraper does not move, the hydraulic system or mechanical transmission system may be faulty. If the hydraulic system is faulty, the system overflow valve may be stuck, the system pressure may not rise, or the electromagnetic directional valve may not operate. Generally, check the electromagnetic directional valve first, clean and observe the spool action in the energized state The spool moves normally in the energized state. The overflow valve is cleaned and the overflow valve is adjusted to eliminate the fault. At this time, the pressure of the system can be measured by installing a pressure measuring joint at the inlet of the oil filter. , Check the mechanical transmission system for abnormalities or jamming and eliminate it.

When running track Paver Machine is running, when it encounters the condition that the scraper does not move, it should be immediately stopped to overhaul the equipment, observe whether the circuit, transmission system and hydraulic system are faulty, and then replace the place where the problem may occur versus.

Running Track Paver Machine Scraper Motionless Solution

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