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Several Important Matters That Should Be Paid Attention To In Paver Construction

Date: 2021-07-20     Tag:  Paver Machine Road Paver Machine Rubber Paving Machine

If you want to have a suitable temperature inside the Paver Machine, instead of "high fever" at every turn, the air duct of the paver engine must be organized properly, otherwise it will not only make the engine temperature too high, but also bring the high temperature of the hydraulic pump. . So how does the unreasonable engine air duct affect the hydraulic pump of the paver?

1. The air intake of the radiator of thePaver Machine is not allowed. Some slots can be made on the side door to increase the air intake.

2. There is a space around the radiator of the Paver Machine and the engine, and there is no useful seal, and the front of the counterweight is concave, which can cause the hot air to form a vortex, resulting in a poor heat dissipation effect. A sponge can be placed between the radiator and the engine for sealing, and the front of the counterweight can be changed from a concave surface to a flat surface.

3. The main pump of the hydraulic system of the Paver Machine is short of heat insulation board, which causes the hot air from the engine to directly blow to the rear side wall of the hydraulic oil tank, resulting in an increase in the oil temperature in the oil tank. It can be improved by adding heat insulation boards.

4. The radiator air duct fins of the hydraulic system of the Paver Machine fall down or the oil duct is blocked, resulting in increased wind resistance and poor heat dissipation effect. The fallen fins should be adjusted in time, the air duct obstructions should be cleaned up, and water with a certain pressure must be used to flush the air duct on time to ensure that the air duct is unblocked.

Several important matters that should be paid attention to in paver construction

It’s just a hot summer now. The high heat of the engine and hydraulic pump of the Paver Machine,  Road Paver Machine, Rubber Paving Machinewill severely affect the stability of your paver and bring harm to the paver, so you must Be careful.

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