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Paving, Tamping And Leveling Problems During The Use Of Paver Machine

Date: 2022-08-22     Tag:  Paver Machine Road Paver Machine Rubber Paving Machine

[Questions] Cement concrete panel track paver machine paving, vibrating and leveling?

[Answer] (1) Use the auger on the front of the road paver machine or the scraper that can move up, down, left, and right. Both of these methods must not be too high or too large, and there should be no shortage of materials. Excavators can be used. , loader or human-assisted cloth. Before the auger, the mixture should be kept about 100mm above the panel, and the rear of the auger should be equipped with a loosening height control scraper.

(2) The suitable slump during road paver machine should be controlled between 20 and 40mm according to the vibration and compaction conditions. The loose paving coefficient K at different slumps can be determined with reference to "Technical Specification for Highway Cement Concrete Pavement Construction" , and the loose paving height can be calculated based on this.

(3) When constructing reinforced concrete pavement, it is advisable to use (two) box-type track pavers in two layers and two layers of cloth. After the first layer of cloth is completed, install the reinforced mesh, and then carry out the second layer of the surface. Layers of cloth, and then tapped once; it can also be tapped twice for two cloths, and the reinforcement mesh is installed in the middle.

(4) The rubber paving machine shall be equipped with vibrating rod group, and the vibrating method and concrete surface vibrating and trimming shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of "Technical Specification for Construction of Highway Cement Concrete Pavement".

The above content is compiled according to the problems encountered by the students in their actual work for reference. If there are any problems, please communicate and correct them in time.

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