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Solution to Uneven Pavement of Running Track Paver Machine

Date: 2022-10-15     Tag:  Road Paver Machine Rubber Paving Machine Running Track Paver Machine

In the actual use of the road paver machine, the uneven pavement often occurs after paving. How can we avoid this? Now let's discuss the solution to the unevenness of running track paver machine pavement.

(1) Selection of rubber paving machine

The first point to ensure the smoothness of pavement is to select a paver with stable performance and good machine condition. The quality and speed of the construction are affected by the quality and performance of the paver. The paving capacity of the paver must match the production capacity of the mixer and transport vehicles to ensure a certain paving speed and continuous paving. The paver with electro-mechanical liquid automatic control technology is equipped with automatic adjustment device for traveling speed, automatic adjustment device for mixture supply and material level, and automatic screed leveling system set for overall elevation interference and mixture resistance change, which will technically improve the paving quality.

(2) Selection and adjustment of running track paver machine technical parameters

① The combined screed shall be symmetrical to the left and right of the road paver machine itself, and the longitudinal joints shall be minimized within the combined width. The combined screed shall be kept flat;
② The adjustment of the distance between the spiral distributor and the screed plate shall adjust the opening of the mixture gate in time according to the paving thickness and width to avoid overload caused by the paving of the feeding instrument and spiral distributor, so that the mixture can have a high blanking and passing ability, ensure the stability of the mixture pressure in the spiral distributor, and ensure the uniformity and continuity of supply;
③ The control amplitude and frequency of the paver's vibrator are mainly based on the adjustment of amplitude and frequency in order to obtain greater pre compaction compactness and reduce the initial compaction marks. Generally, it is best to have a small vibration of the mixture crushed stone and a small resonance of the paver. Once selected, it shall be kept constant, so as to make the pavement smooth and dense. When the layer is thin, small amplitude should be used to avoid layer looseness and overall strength decline.

(3) The paving speed is controlled evenly

When paving the pavement, the road paver machine shall move forward at a constant speed and continuously pave in small intervals. It is strictly forbidden to move fast or slow. The change of paving speed will inevitably lead to the change of paving thickness. In order to ensure consistent thickness, the regulator should be adjusted in time.
① The working speed of the rubber paving machine shall be selected from 0.12 km/h to 1.2 km/h according to the requirements of the project. In the process of operation, keep the working speed stable and do not change at will.
② During the paving operation, the number of shutdowns shall be reduced. When the mixture transportation is interrupted, the shutdown will occur. At this time, in order to avoid the mixture temperature in the hopper being too low, the remaining materials in the hopper must be paved.

(4) Operation control of running track paver machine

① Select experienced operators;
② Before the running track paver machine starts, according to the required paving thickness, place boards under the screed and arrange them evenly to avoid deformation of the screed;
③ Before paving, the screed must be cleaned, the technical parameters of each part shall be adjusted, and the screed shall be heated with liquefied gas. The temperature shall be less than so0c. The heating temperature of the screed shall be close to the temperature of the mixture;
④ During the paving operation, the transporter shall back up to about 30cm away from the paver and stop. Quickly shift into neutral and stop to use the brake Push forward according to the abandoned paver, and there must be someone to command when the truck is backing up. At the same time, the truck shall be in good condition and have good braking performance;
⑤ During the paving process of the rubber paving machine, special personnel shall be assigned to take charge of the asphalt mixture sprinkled on the edge and on the road, and the wooden handle shall be used to clean and level it in time;
⑥ During the paving process of the road paver machine, the phenomenon of material shortage sometimes occurs. Use a shovel to buckle the asphalt mixture at the material shortage position, and use a plank to clean it, so as to remove the segregated large bone particles.

In order to obtain a smooth paving surface, from the aspect of the operation of the rubber paving machine, we should try our best to maintain the stable operation of the paver, that is, a stable paving speed, a stable scraper conveyor feeding volume, and a stable screw conveying volume, so as to maintain a constant small change in the size and level of the stock pile in front of the screed.

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