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Rubber Paver

Rubber Paver

Save time and effort
  • Welded steel structure
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Sturdy and stable

Rubber Paver

Product introduction

Rubber paver is a kind of construction equipment mainly used
for paving various materials on the base and surface of

  • High-end models
  • Stable performance
  • No fear test
  • Import materials
  • Meticulous work
  • Strong driving force
  • Direct deal

Rubber Paver

Product advantage

Are you still worrying about this?

  • Rubber Paver
    The effect is not good

    It will never go bad in
    a few days.

  • Rubber Paver
    Expensive machine

    Large machines, too

Expensive machine
direct deal

Reduce the link between
manufacturers and buyers


Environmental protection and durability


High quality


Direct Selling of Manufacturers,
Reducing Intermediate Links




Siemens Frequency Conversion Stepless Speed Regulation Technology

Rubber paver improves the degree of automation of paving, meets the construction requirements of the competition venue greatly, achieves the quality index of the competition venue, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, low consumption, high quality and easy operation.

  • Rubber Paver
  • Rubber Paver

Rubber paver is strong and durable

Welded steel structure, plastic sprayed surface, beautiful, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, can withstand the harsh conditions of the construction site.

Rubber Paver

Rubber Paver

High cost performance ratio

  • Economic value for money
  • Price concessions
  • Rigorous structure

Fast Connection Mode

Rapid connection between drum and motor is adopted to facilitate transportation and construction of pavement with different width.

Rubber Paver

Rubber Paver

Weldedsteel structure

Rubber Paver

Product parameters
Name Paver machine
Model TPJ-2.5 TPJ-2.0 TPJ-1.5
Actual Width 2800mm 2300mm 1800mm
Paving Width 2500mm 2000mm 1500mm
Moving Speed 0.8-6m/min 0.8-6m/min 0.8-6m/min
Power 8kw 8kw 8kw
Machine Weight 850kg 750kg 650kg
Dimension 3000*1800*720mm 2500*1700*720mm 2000*1700*720mm



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